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time for hockey heaven….

Well ’tis the season for the hockey playoffs, which means the yearly hockey pool… My father was away so I had to pick his players… Ironically.. I think he may have better players. It really is luck of the draw and which teams advance.. which has become increasingly unpredictable… my picks this year:

Devils: Elias, Gionta, Hrdina
Detroit: Yzerman
Montreal: Ryder, Riberio, Souray, Brisebois
Dallas: Zubov
NYI: Aucoin
San Jose: Stuart
and Nashville: Timonen

Phew… never had to say Go Habs Go before… 3-0 Boston at the moment. Sigh…

Update: This entry ended up being the last of the ‘uncategorized’. (Dec. 2013)

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