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Mutterings – Week 63

See what happens when I watch hockey (with a laptop) you get 4 entries in an evening. -heh- Anyways… since it was updated…

  1. Virginia:: go on virginia, play it loud. your neighbors will love it. (from the liner notes of Living Colour’s Vivid)
  2. Soft:: Core, Hard Core… (RHCP)
  3. Carol:: This is a song for…! (Pixies)
  4. Vanity:: Fair
  5. Feminist:: Woman power
  6. Alias:: obz
  7. Coward:: -ly Lion
  8. Beer:: Sleeman’s Honey Brown (I was looking for a SHB link but Sleeman’s site is gay so screw it…)
  9. Chance:: of a lifetime
  10. Honest:: y …’ is such a lonely word./ Everyone is so untrue. / Honesty is hardly ever heard. / And mostly what I need from you’ -Billy Joel

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