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Happy VD!

Well VD was fun with B.. It took a awhile to get on the right page… but I think the evening was quite decent. In spite of not making reservations for dinner anywhere… we were able to find a great Chinese buffet. Lots of interesting dishes. We both felt like a Thanksgiving turkeys after we left. Phew. We then met nivek and his bride-to-be in downtown TO prior to going out. We went to Montana’s – I don’t recall exactly where it is – but it was in the King/Bathurst area. An interesting bar. It was split into upstairs/downstairs, downstairs being the restaurant. Upstairs was then split into two sides, one being a live band, the other a DJ. It was clear the crowd we were with prefered the live band… They had some silly name like The last best band in the world… or something equally forgettable. Fortunately they seemed to take more time learning how to play than naming their band… they sounded quite good. (maybe a little louder than they needed to be, but the musicianship was certainly undeniable) They had a standard setup with a female vocalist who was very proud of her ass and paraded it about in leather, pleather and crazy shakey-shakes. (ahem!). Good voice tho.. bang on for Chrissy Hindes. More later…

Not sure if this is a sign of the apocalypse or not… but I’m going to a dog show this afternoon. Someone check a Bible.

Great come from behind win for the Sabres. I’m impressed. Blow leafs blow!

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