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How not to play hockey

I’m a big hockey fan. I like the NHL (GO SABRES!), Olympic hockey (GO CANADA!) and playing some pick up ball hockey on the weekends… so when I saw Todd Bertuzzi, Vancouver’s big ‘power forward’, who weighs in at 245lbs, driving someone’s head into the ice after intentionally sucker punching him from behind, it really makes me wonder about the direction the game I love is taking. I have no doubt he will be suspended the rest of the season, maybe even playoffs, and possibly even face criminal charges, and yet I wonder if it will be enough. I have not seen such a vulgar act in hockey. It was so blatant and intent on injuring. I’m aware of the sticking up for the team idea and usually agree with it, but not this this brutal end. At least fight face to face. The NHL has a lot to think about in the forthcoming post season: Possible rule changes, salary caps, 1 referee or 2, remove the blue line, red line, goal line… I hope they think long and hard about the sport and do what is best for hockey… so they incidents like this won’t happen again. shakes his head

In other news… Happy belated 11th month anniversary hon.. I also managed to kill another hard drive. Hard drives of the world FEAR ME! Fortunately there is a technological improvement called Serial ATA which is gaining popularity and should stem my murderous tendencies.

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