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Mono Ski

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

We had a little snowfall in the area over the weekend. It was just enough to create good ski conditions. So we drove up to Orangeville to ski at Mono Nordic. First however, we stopped at HomeSense. Yes, the quest for my office lounge chair continues. There were some decent options but not the one true chair. Bdot picked up some decor for Spring then we stopped at the Michael’s as well, since it was right there. Eventually, we got skiing. It was really busy on Sunday, there were numerous groups of kids learning to ski. The skiing was great! Fresh snow makes the ski tracks a little slower. This is reassuring for those long downhill sections.
We do have our own gear.
We do have our own gear.

On the way out of Orangeville, we drove around the Purple Hill neighbourhood. Bdot loves it. Some of the houses back onto conservation… We both love Orangeville. Hmm…

I’m continuing to watch The Crown. It is brilliant. The acting is superb, the cinematography is beautiful and the story is historical and interesting. It is certainly another Netflix winner! Speaking of which Season 2 of Stranger Things this Fall!

The Superbowl. Where to begin? The first half was so dominant, it looked like Brady was finally going to get a thumping. But those who know football well, knew that until the game was over, not to count Brady out… The game was a tale of two halves. The second was all Pats. Brady led the biggest comeback in Superbowl history. Conversely the biggest choke as well. What a disappointment the game was. I can’t stand Brady or Boston. Which ironically took a shot from SNL’s Michael Che, as being the most racist city he’s ever been too. Shocking. *cough*

Bdot has endeavoured to try and eat better and exercise regularly. Nothing crazy, just more consistency. Just some props to her because it is a good thing and we are both healthier for it.

I was having an issue with my Linux Mint install. Randomly while screensavers were running it would freeze. I figured it was a graphics issue so I tried all the available drivers for my NVidia GeForce Ti 550. They all froze. Ugh. So I just swapped out the video card for an older card I had, and so far no issues. *grin* Installed OS is Linux Mint 18 Sarah.



Ugh. There is nothing good about freezing rain.


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