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Married 10 Years!


I’m happy to have reached a very noteworthy milestone with my wife. Yesterday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. (We’ll have been together for *gasp* 20 years in April of 2023 – if the Earth is still around). We had a lovely Spa day at the Vetta Nordic Spa. It is a great location surrounded in fall colours, very close to where my sister used to live. It is comparable to the spa in Collingwood, especially the amenities. The decor was certainly more sterile and cold, with a lot of blank white walls. The grossly overpriced food was also disappointing. And my gawd, salad does NOT have to be soaked in salad dressing. It was an odd Ontario day: overcast, light rain, dark clouds, Sun, yup we had it all. It didn’t really deter our day at all. We also enjoyed an incredible couples massage. It was a great day spend with my lovely wife.
Mmmm Hmm.
Mmmm Hmm.

Some over saturated gratuitous Fall colour.

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